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For over 30 Years we have been managing the 

Buying and Selling of Businesses.  

     We leave nothing to chance.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Successfully managing the Purchase & Sale of Businesses for over 30 years
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Seller Services

We have a 10 step process to guide you every step of the way; “We Leave Nothing to Chance”:

1. Initial Meeting 

We want to hear about your situation and have a complete understanding of; the reasons why you want to sell, market conditions, history of your business, your goals regarding an exit strategy as well as your perception as to the value of your business.  Your financial statements and tax returns will be reviewed to ensure that your goals are within reach.

2. Preparation for the Sale 

Your financial statements and tax returns will be reviewed and then we'll create a recast P&L Statement allowing us to make adjustments so as to determine Seller’s Discretionary Income (the true net profit for the owner of the business).  This information will then allow us to present to you a “Fair Market” opinion of value for your business.  This document becomes our sounding board in determining the price and terms to list the business for sale. 

3. Listing Your Business for Sale 

A “blind” ad to promote your business will be developed without giving your location or identity away.  We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality so we require a prospect to sign a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement before we share confidential information with them.  Once there is a signed agreement with a qualified prospect; they are provided with a Confidential Business Profile. 

4. Marketing Your Business for Sale 

Your business is aggressively marketed using a multi-pronged approach.  This includes reaching out to our database of prospect leads as well as internet marketing with ads on multiple websites.  A direct mailing may also be used to a targeted list of prospects.  In addition we will tap into our resources of our broker contacts in search of the best suited buyer for your business.

5. Qualifying Buyer 

Prospects are qualified based upon; financial capability, experience, time frame, level of motivation and most importantly their commitment to the process.  We are experienced at matching buyers and sellers and in determining businesses that are best matched to a buyer’s profile.  

6.  Meeting: Qualified Buyer & Seller

After the buyer has proven to be qualified and a good serious candidate; we’ll arrange for a meeting with the buyer and the seller.    The buyer will present their interest in the business, financial capabilities and experience.  The seller will have the opportunity to answer questions about the business.

7. The Offer

We assist the buyer in preparing a written Offer to the seller.  Offers normally contain contingencies such as the buyer’s satisfactory review of up to date financial statements and tax returns, financing, transfer of the lease and supporting documentation for information provided.  We facilitate a counter offer if necessary. 

8. Due Diligence, Financing & Contingencies

The buyer is given guidance with their due diligence and if necessary we help them to find sources for financing through our contacts with banks and other lending institutions.  We’ll also work with the landlord (if applicable) to ensure a smooth transition of the lease. 

9. P&S Agreement 

Our goal is to remove as many contingencies as possible before drafting the P&S.  We are unique in that not only do we go the extra mile in removing contingencies, but we will also draft a P&S for both parties to present to their legal counsel; saving you time and money. 

10. Closing

Closing documents are reviewed with the seller, buyer and the closing attorney to be sure that every detail is covered.  We attend the Closing to ensure a smooth transaction takes place between the parties.


Complete the Seller Registration Form below.  We will give you our professional opinion as to the value of your business.

Our Benefits

* Your time is free to conduct business as usual while the business is being presented.


* We market, screen, qualifiy and negotiate for you to bring you the best candidate with the best terms.


* There is No Charge for our brokerage services until the business is sold. 

(a nominal listing fee may be required for certain specialty businesses.)

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Over 35 Years experience and hundreds of transfers; we know how to get it done quickly and efficiently.
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